3 things you can do to encourage summer learning

There are many things you do to combat summer learning loss.  And many of the strategies are old school with new school ideas attached to them.

  • Read, read, read!   Students and children need plenty of high interest non fiction and riveting fiction books to read.  Set aside 10 minutes a day per grade level for uninterrupted reading.  For example, first grade students should read for 10 minutes, second grade students should read for 20 minutes
  • Keep a daily journal of your summer fun and activities.  If your child is hesitant to write, start with drawings, pictures and postcards in order to get those descriptive and informative sentences flowing.
  • Practice those math facts!  Now is a great time to continue reviewing or practicing fluency of  +,  -,  ÷ and  x.   Xtramath.com is a great online site that challenges students to solve problems in 6 seconds or less.


Be sure to celebrate each week’s successes by asking your child to identify and reflect on one or two new ideas she/he has learned.  If stuck, encourage your child to write phrases such as:

I learned that……….

I liked learning about………

I remember when………..


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